2015年1月15日 星期四

工作者招募中 We want you!


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紙寮坑藝術農工場宣傳影片 點此觀賞 (watch promo clip)


Paper Hut Stream artlabor farm is located at a long valley in Taomi community, Nantou county. Before years of fallow, the valley was a paddy field. Now the fertile land is covered with green and has a creek lie aside. And if you go deeper into the valley, you will find the water source site, with clear water and the ecology is dynamic.


We are going to build an artlabor's farm. To develop a base for independent Taiwan people to co-live. We aim to reclaim the nature of labor. Reviewing our life supporting need with humblest manner. This a a grand experiment and we try to redefine labor and redistribute individual's basic needs, fairly. So we can free ourselves' life from alienating capital machine.


People living here are going to share the resources, scavenge what's left from society, a lifestyle that do no harm to nature. Return to the spiritual nature of art, you can be a real art worker and co-produce art pieces with your body in harmony with your mind, in an organized, nicely driven way. That's why Paper Hut Stream artlabor farm is open for artist in residence, we provide basic needs for artist, so he/she can work immersively. Artist will have the opportunity to regain the fundamental meaning of art-creating in the process of sharing and collaborating with others.


The stilted building is three floors high, with dorms/library/showroom/meeting room/dining area/working space on the second and third floor. The flexible planning of space enable us to use the floor for different purpose in demand. To secure the subject, we use steel as building's bones, and finish the walls, doors and windows, floors from the scavenging of past 20 years.


Before the project takes off, Paper Hut Stream artlabor farm is looking for several labor workers. We will provide food, room & board during period. If you are culture worker / art worker / humanistic enviromentalist / permaculture farmer / green building lover / hand crafting worker / variety medium creator, and you are interested by what you see here, welcome aboard!


Estimated working time: Oct. 13, 2014~Mar. 1, 2015. We expect you to work wholeheartedly. Everyone takes shifts and breaks during the work. Work in the most comfortable way to you, no pressure here. We share thoughts and experiences, we learn and live together. And we hope whoever comes to help could join the project after, become part of the team!



After one month of construction, we have the steel structure and platform in place. Thanks to everyone who gave us their support during these time. We want you to spread the message out there, we are going to finish the doors and windows with recycled materials so we can have a building.


If you know someone is bored to death and looking for fun and adventure. Recommend us to him/her! Perhaps the four months of forest-bathing will be a life-changer!


In order to prepare the music festival in February, as a thanksgiving event for our supporters, we are also looking for:
1.Architecture students (or worker with basic experience in green architectur)
2.Experienced music festival planner/marcom 





All personnel will be divided into 3 groups:
[ labor team ] work in group to finish the building
[ cook team ] 2 people, everyone takes turn
[ construct team ] set up and maintain the tools, bathroom, etc.



1.Bring your sleeping bag, toiletries, clothes, medicine, health insurance card, charging device.
2.There are many mosquito, so wear long sleeves clothes and anti-skid shoes.
3.For personal safety, make sure you can afford the workload, ask for help immediately if you need any.

0952-404217 鄒貞蓮 
0918-837917 林經寰(Ah Huan)
04-22062777 艸田空間

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